Platteville Laser Tag Party Services

Westaby Entertainment LLC

Code of Conduct

  • Laser Tag is a non-contact sport, you are not allowed to touch other players. For your safety, remain an armís length away from your opponents (they are easier to shoot from distance too).
  • Your laser blaster contains hit sensors, hiding or covering up your gun is not allowed.
  • When you die your blaster will tell you "you're out", at that time hold you blaster above your head and walk to the respawn or waiting area.
  • To start a game, pull the blaster trigger once to turn on. There will be a lcd menu, press down to select join, then ok. Point your blaster at the referee (host blaster).
  • If the host sets up a team game, you will have to select a team after joining. Press up down to select a team number, then ok to select.
  • The referee will tell you when the game has started, do not leave the referee's sight until your blaster has a T-30 count down displayed.
  • At the end of a game, the blaster will make a chirping sound and display a message to find the host. Walk to the referee to debrief the game. Again point your blaster at the referee's host blaster. When debriefing is complete your blaster will receive game stats. Use the menu to review rank and who shot who, how many times.
  • Never turn off your blaster unless instructed to be the referee. You will not be able to rejoin a game in progress. Turn off your blaster by pressing 2nd+Cancel.